Thursday, March 15, 2012

Christian Children's Book Authors Facebook Page

It's amazing how friendships develop. Since I started writing a few years ago, I've made some wonderful friends who also share my love of the written word. My genre is children's books and I'm finding there are many others who share that love.

Two of my friends who write for children are Aileen Stewart and Bryan Miles. I met Bryan about a year ago through a website called Fanstory is a site where writers can improve their skills through reviews when they share their poems, short stories, and novels.

I met Aileen a couple of months ago through Both Bryan and Aileen have each published a children's book that teaches a moral lesson. Bryan's book is titled, Faithful the Fire Truck. It is a delightful story about a fire truck that through its experiences teaches Christian concepts in a way children can understand.

Aileen's book is titled, Fern Valley. It was recently chosen out of over a thousand books as one of only thirty to be on the Kart Foundation Kids' List. Fern Valley is a book that teaches moral lessons like getting along with others. Congratulations Aileen and hopefully many more awards will be coming your way.

Bryan saw a need for Christian authors on Facebook to have a group page and so he did something about it. He formed a group called Christian Children's Book Authors. Both Aileen and I have joined this group. Bryan's vision was for a place where members could share information about books and upcoming events as well as share uplifting and inspiring testimonies. Bryan is a gifted poet and I can't wait for him to post some of these for everyone to read.

Even though we can't sit down face-to-face, the feelings of friendship transcend miles. Membership is growing on this Facebook page, so I hope you will check it out and come make new friends.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Friend: Martha Steward

I met Martha Steward on about two months ago. We began following each other and sending messages back and forth through Linkedin. One day Martha said we should get together for a chat. I thought she meant an email chat but actually she meant a phone chat. So, we exchanged numbers and then found a time convenient for both of us to sit down and have time to talk. I discovered Martha lives in California while I live in rural North Carolina. Even so, as we talked it was like she lived next door.

Martha and I have a lot more in common than we realized at first because Martha lives on a farm in California. Even though I don't live on a farm, I am surrounded by farms. Martha has chickens and other critters that she takes care of and she also has a garden. Although it was neat to know we lived in the same kind of environment what drew us together to begin with was the fact that we both are children's authors. My third book, Tired of Being Different, includes a theme of animal resure and that theme also runs through Martha's books. Martha's first two books are Darby's Story and Bangle Bear. These two books are MCA Silver Award winners for best books about pet adoption and animal care. Martha's third book, Finding Your Way Home, is a story about two stray kittens.All of these stories are warm and funny with a reading level of about fourth grade and up.

Martha is also a supporter of Read Across America through her volunteer efforts and donations of her books to local programs. If you would like to learn more about Martha and her books you can find her at

Friday, March 2, 2012

Melissa Ivey Staehli: Author of Children's Books

Melissa Staehli lives in Ohio and writes for a fairly new website Twelve writers take turns writing material each week for families based on Christian values using Bible based principals that are set in everyday experiences. These posts are intended to encourage and uplift the reader. This website was the vision of Janice Green and although fairly new is well worth checking out.
Melissa not only writes for the website, but also recently released her first children's book, I Love You to the Moon. Her book expresses the love a mother has for her child through rhyming words and colorful illustrations. Melissa says, "My first book really encompasses the magnitude of a mother's love for her child. It helps the child understand exactly how high, how deep, how wide and how far a mother's love reaches." I Love You to the Moon is available on Melissa's website,, Barnes and Noble, Halo Publishing, and other online sites.
Melissa was featured recently on an online radio broadcast explaining about her book and how she came to write the story. The radio broadcast was on the website The name of the radio show is The Children Authors Show. Melissa was interviewed by the host Don McCauley and told listeners she's been writing since the age of four. Encouraged by her mother who enjoys writing poetry, Melissa plans to publish another children's book to be released in the fall of 2012. This time it's a Christmas story about a little mouse titled Charlie's Gingerbread House. If you would like to know more about Melissa and her books you can find the information at: