Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bubble Wrap and More

I recently read several posts on Aileen Stewart's blog. Reading her blog was like sitting down with a friend having a conversation over a cup of coffee. One of the first posts I read was one that reminded writers to take pride in their work. Sometimes writers work hard on their manuscript but often forget to take extra care on the packaging. In other words, if necessary, use bubble wrap to protect the investment.
Another post I read of Aileen's was one in which she had written reviews of a few children's books. One of those books was by a Christian author, Melissa Ivey Staehli. I recently met Melissa on Linkedin. The book Aileen recommended by Melissa was I Love You to the Moon. According to Aileen's review, I Love You to the Moon is a delightful book for children with extra large print perfect for beginning readers.
If you want to stop by Aileen's blog to read more, you can find her at As I said before, it's like visiting with a friend over a cup of coffee. I know Aileen will be glad you stopped by, and when you do go for a visit have her tell you about her children's book, Fern Valley.


  1. Hi Dicy!

    Thank you for mentioning me and my book. My last name is spelled - Staehli. Thank you for correcting it. :-)


    1. Hi Melissa. You are welcome and I'm sorry. I think when I wrote your name in my notebook the "e" looked like a "c" and that's how I copied it on the blog. These eyes aren't what they used to be. We had snow last night and it was beautiful. :)
      Blessings to you,