Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Journey Continues

My journey through the social media continues, with updates and new gadgets I never knew existed before just a couple of weeks ago. I am grateful to all my friends for their help and have listed some of them in previous blogs. My latest appreciation goes to a young lady who's in business for herself and doing quite well because of her savvy on the internet.

She's in the Avon business and has give aways quite frequently on her Avon page. This young lady's name is Rebecca Chobalt. Check her out on facebook, and you might even win some Avon products. She was kind enough to help me set up my giveaway for my first children's book,Tired of My Bath, suggesting the giveaway should last for two weeks. At the end of the contest the computer will choose the winner, with my responsibility being only to notify the person. The giveaway for my bookpage is a free children's book about a little boy who doesn't want to take a bath. Most families can relate to this story. Anyone recommending the bookpage, Tired of My Bath, wins if their friend wins.

Well, I thought surely I needed to add a gas card or something to this free giveaway. Rebecca in our wisdom, said, "No, the book is enough." She was right because I began having people go to the bookpage and liking it. I couldn't believe I was seeing people from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. I became like a kid in a candy store because I couldn't wait until the next day to see how many more likes I would get on that day.

I plan to have another give-away as soon as this one ends. Even though the social media is an exciting place to be, I have to remember balance and moderation are key. Facebook, twitter, and blogging only promote my books and writing. They don't write them for me. Maybe one day....

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