Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Building a Website

Once I had my first children's book published, I started getting suggestions about what to do next. One of those suggestions was that I needed my own website. Well, of course, that means money. With my pockets getting thinner by the minute, I didn't have much to spare.

As I began having more and more opportunities to read at schools, libraries, and YMCA's, I knew it was time to build a website. I was fortunate to find William T. Gordon, the owner of WG Designs in Salisbury, NC. His fees are reasonable, and when asked to make changes to my website, he's always been patient. I've only changed my mind a few times. You do believe me, don't you? I finally chose four tabs that give an overview of my books and activiites. They include the homepage, about me page, my books, and events. Now that my latest book, Tired of School, has been made available on amazon.com., I'll have another tab added.

My first children's book, Tired of My Bath, is showcased on the website in bright colors with a slideshow of past events, as well as highlights of coming ones. Will even added a fun graphic on the homepage of Louie, the dog in the story, sticking out his tongue. Check out my website for yourself. It's dicymcculloughbooks.com.

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