Sunday, September 18, 2011

Farms and Farmers

This past week I wrote an article for the Salisbury Post about a tour of farms sponsored by a local business, Know Your Farms. Know Your Farms is based in Davidson, NC and is owned by Wes Shi. Wes wants to help farmers market their produce, meat and eggs and feels one way to do this is for people to interact with farms and farmers. Many of the farms on the tour had special activities scheduled that visitors could participate in such as cooking demonstrations or corn shucking. This was the third annual tour with thirty plus farms participating in a nine county area.
I was able to visit several of the farms and had a wonderful time. I especially enjoyed eating the ice cream at the Hoffner organic farm. Organic means no chemicals. In order to qualify the farm has to have been chemical free for at least three years and from that point on must stay chemical free. If you would like to read the article about Know Your Farms and the tour go to and type in Dicy Mccullough: Getting to Know Real Farms in the search bar. The article was printed on Friday Sept. 16.

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