Monday, September 12, 2011

Keep Your Head Up

I've been married to my husband for thirty years and during those entire thirty years he's been a football coach for the local fifth-sixth grade teams. One of the sayings he uses on the football field applies so aptly to life. He tells the players to keep their heads up. The reason is because while on the field the players need to see where they're going. They can get hurt otherwise.
This isn't true just for football but in life as well. If we don't keep our head up and watch where we're going we too can get hurt. So many times we blindly go through life not watching what's ahead. We get hurt in relationships because we don't notice the signs. For example, when someone says they care about us and yet continually mistreats us, we're not seeing the signs. We're not keeping our head up.
I'm proud of my husband for the years he's spent teaching young people not only about football but also about life. He insists each player must perform in the classroom in order to perform on the football field the following Saturday. He never cusses or disrespects any player and yet he has had many winning seasons. It just goes to show if a coach respects his players then the players will respect him back. Remember keep your head up. It will take you far in life.

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