Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Head Can't Hold All this Social Media Stuff

You probably think I've lost it. Well, I guess in a sense I have. I've lost all sense of balance in my life and wonder if I'll ever get it back. Learning how to facebook, twitter, hyperlink and blog all in a short period of time can cause anxiety.
I've been fortunate to have people in my life willing to help me, but unfortunately, many of the lessons mysteriously disappear in my brain shortly after. While it's true the info is supposed to still be there, I just don't know where.
One recent lesson that did stick was due to the patience of a wonderful teacher, Stacy Jones, during a Social Media Workshop at Press 53 in Winston-Salem, NC. Stacy is the Director of the Center for Creative Writing at Press 53, and she's also a talented writer who has had various experiences working with publishers throughout the United States. At the workshop she taught me how to hyperlink. After a couple of weeks of experimenting, some of my blogs are now color coded in black and blue.
Writers have opportunities to come to the Center for Creative Writing at Press 53 to learn, grow and share experiences through workshops and critiquing groups. Last month I took advantage of one of these opportunities and enjoyed a meal with two Press 53 authors, Valerie Nieman, author of Blood Clay, and Marjorie Hudson, author of Accidental Birds of the Carolinas. Listening to their excitement about their new novels, it was obvious that they not only enjoy the process of writing, but also enjoy seeing a story as it develops on the page waiting for others to read. It was a wonderful night of interaction shared by all.
I also learned from Stacy when writing a blog get to the point and keep it short. How did I do?

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